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I’m a Swedish journalist, writing about Italy and EU for nearly 40 Scandinavian magazines. I write mostly about economics, new laws and social affairs, but sometimes also about ”easier” things. I also do newscomments in television.

From the EU I write a lot about the various commission’s work, and also about the European institution’s decisions, and I make specials about things that involve big parts of Europe, like the Euro 20 years, or the situation of the agriculture in different countries. Having been in Italy since 1989, I know the country quite well, and I now have a large contact net. I managed to make three interviews with ministers during the last years, something very difficult for a correspondent!

If you want to contact me, click on ”Kontakt”, and you vill find all details. Under ”Tidningar” you will find a list of the magazines I worked for the last five years.

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